7 Things I Bought During the Pandemic to Make You Feel Better About Your Financial Decisions

1. Upgrading my Gaming Set-Up

Before COVID-19, I owned an Xbox 360 and a 2-year-old gaming laptop. What started with a pair of speakers, escalated into a full desktop set-up, complete with a new desk, new chair, new microphone, dual 1440p monitors, light-up RGB accessories and a top-of-the line gaming PC. Easily my least responsible set of purchases, but I have had no trouble playing any game or running any program. To be fair, I only play 16-bit indie titles.

2. A MIDI Keyboard for Music Production

As someone who decided to teach themselves piano during the pandemic, I thought I could try my hand at producing music. This was specifically aimed at the promos I edit for my friend’s amateur pro-wrestling matches. I have yet to use this in any meaningful capacity. At least I got it on sale.

3. A 2020 Macbook Air

Yes, I bought two computers during the pandemic. This one, however, is much more portable than a desktop PC or my old gaming laptop, and it is way more comfortable to type on, which is how I’m compiling this list right now. Despite my PC Gaming, I’m also diving deeper into the Apple ecosystem. I’ve also written two pilots and a spec script on this baby, so I’m chalking it up to “worth it”.

Books I Haven’t Read

Video Games I Haven’t Played

Any PC gamer is familiar with the seasonal Steam sales and their ability to draw you in with crazy discounts. I bought nearly every Sonic the Hedgehog game for around $10 at some point, and have yet to open one of them. Other purchased but unplayed collections include The Spyro Trilogy Remastered, Far Cry 1–5, all the new Tomb Raiders, LEGO Batman, LEGO Marvel, LEGO Harry Potter, and a litany of Star Wars games.


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Will Thomas

Will Thomas

LA based writer and comedian. Also a multi-faceted human being with emotions, but not so many thoughts.